Trogir, Croatia

We only stopped one night in Trogir, and had a lovely stay at Bifora Heritage Hotel.  We were upgraded to two rooms, both with lofts, sitting rooms, and sparkling bathrooms.  These little packets of date cookies were left on the desk.

DSC_1334 (3).jpg

There is Mike walking out to the car.


Here was the view from our window.  I used my arm and the windowsill as a tripod.


Another clash of East meets West.  Croatia leans to the west with its beaches, tourists, and night clubs, but at the same time there are eastern traditions oozing out of the fortress walls.  Older men sat together in the garden of our hotel sipping tea and eating pomegranates, and those date cookies are the same shape as the shakarbura cookies we used to eat during Novruz in Azerbaijan.  Dates and pomegranates are so distinctive.

DSC_1374 (1).jpg

Trogir will also be remembered as the place where Jake and Eli first watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It was love at first site.

Mom and Dad thought it was a nice break from watching the entire anthology of James Bond.  Here are two miniature Bonds, posing in the shadows.