Krems an der Donau


Krems is a town that sits along the edge of the Danube River as it winds through lower Austrian wine country.



This part of Austria is called the Wachau Valley, a patchwork quilt of vineyards and orchards that is home to monasteries, apricots, and Austria’s most famous wine.


We were lucky enough to have a tasting from WeinHimmel himself!  It is not so terrible sometimes to look like lost tourists on a lazy Sunday afternoon…


DSC_1233 (1).jpg

From the church at the top of the hill we had a beautiful view of tiled roofs and apricot trees.

DSC_1250 (1).jpg


DSC_1247 (1).jpg

Outside in the beer garden an orchestra was playing, and we noticed all the musicians had beers sitting under their chairs next to their hats and tapping feet.  No wonder why oompah bands always seem to have so much fun.



We will definitely be back to Krems!

DSC_1256 (1).jpg

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