Father’s Day


If there were a better Dad on earth, we’re not sure who it would be.  Why We Love DAD:

He takes us all over Vienna on long bike rides, and finds fun places for lunch.


He plays Wii with us and is awesome at video games!

DSC_1177 (1)

He isn’t afraid to drive, anywhere, anytime, to fun places like Slovenia and Budapest.  Thanks to him, we have seen so much of the world!



He has a cool job.   This is the Hofburg, where Mike films and works for the OSCE.


See Mike down there, sitting in the right hand corner?


Along with his own clothes, he irons every morning for the rest of us too.


We love Dad because he’s teaching us all the time, about music, computers, making movies, and how to make everything we do better.

DSC_1236 (1).jpg

Memorizing presidents, violin practice, cub scouts, camping; we wouldn’t know any of it without Dad.  At the War Museum we learned about tanks and WW2, and saw the exact car where Franz Josef was riding when he got shot in Sarajevo.


He’s also a pretty good tickler….


Dad has really long arms, so he can take some pretty good selfies!


Mike is tireless when it comes to making sure that everyone is having fun.


From the very beginning, Mike has taught Jake and Eli how to appreciate the finer things in life.


Here’s to you, Dad!!!!



We love you like crazy!!!!

And of course we can’t forget these two…



Happy Father’s day Dads!!  We can’t wait to see you both this summer.  The beers are already chilling…


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