Jake, Age 9


Doing the thing that Jake loves best.  Riding his scooter!  And watching the trains, dreaming of one day being a Viennese tram driver.


We can’t really get him away from the trams.  On every ride you’ll find him right up front, sitting next to the driver and watching the trains change tracks.


Jake is pretty good at finding his way, always paying attention and memorizing the names of the stops in perfect German.  We might be seeing the start of another Family Compass.


He’s certainly had some adventures this year to help him figure it out.



DSC_0847 (1).jpg

Fun Facts about Jake, Age 9:

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Class in School:  PE

Favorite Gelato:  Chocolate Mint, Biscotto

Favorite Book:  Harry Potter

Favorite Movie:  Harry Potter

Favorite Breakfast:  Waffles

Favorite Food:  Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches

Favorite Toy:  Stuffed Animals

Favorite Toy:  Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, After Eight mints

Favorite Things to do:  Be with Mom, Dad, and Eli;  Go Swimming

If I Could Be An Animal, I Would Be A:  Leopard


Jake is obsessed with anything electronic.  This is not an exaggeration.  It’s really hard to keep his hands off things with buttons!  Radios, vehicles, microwaves, the Kindle, and now his new portable sound system.  Complete with disco ball, it is pretty fun to have Jake the DJ in the house.


He’s always helping Daddy with his computer work, too.


Jake tends to be a little fastidious, about almost everything.  Typing, Duolingo, violin practice, keeping his desk tidy.  Math, reading, he writes everything down and has multiple journals going at once, with details like menus and the weather.  His teachers say, “Jake is very teachable.  You ask him to do something, and he does it.”   He asks for extra projects at school because he likes to stay busy.


Worker Dog.  Yes, Jake is our Worker Dog.


Pretty cute worker dog, if you ask me.



Jake tackles any sport like he’s unaware that there is effort involved.  Swimming laps, throwing baskets, running to the store and back.  It’s like he’s just having fun and doesn’t realize that this makes normal people tired.


He passed the test into Experts Swimming, one of the only third graders at that level, and doesn’t really seem to notice.  He’s pretty good in the water!




When he dresses for school, Jake always picks out a button-down shirt and a nice sweater. Sort of like Alex P. Keaton.  He’s always said that one day he wants to be a Navy Seal, but recently changed his mind when he realized that Navy Seals might sometimes have to hurt people.


Now he wants to pilot an aircraft carrier.


Jake is still our Honey Bear.  Positive and kind, always responsible and ready to help.

He notices Magic when it creeps in at the corners.



Our little guy who was always that guy.


Working hard enough at his teething ring to bite through the plastic, determined to get things done, never missing a beat, and always full of smiles.


We love you Jakey, Happy Birthday Honey Bear!!!!