Eli, Age 9

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

Here is Eli doing what he does best.  Dabbing for the camera.


Dabbing is a Life Skill among third graders, and I love Wikipedia’s description of it as “a dance move that resembles sneezing.”  Eli is dabbing (or sneezing?) on ice skates at Lake Neusiedl.  Austria is a wonderland for winter sports and Eli has shown us once again that he is a water guy, which includes snow and ice.  Winter, summer, bathtub, whatever, if there is water he loves it enough to make us wonder if maybe he’s part fish?


All Eli really needs is a big pile of snow, to make snowmen, go sledding, and just generally roll around before going in for some hot chocolate.  He never lets us forget the hot chocolate.


Fun Facts About Eli, Age 9:

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite Class in School:  Art

Favorite Gelato:  Lemon

Favorite Movie:  Swiss Family Robinson

Favorite Book:  Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day, and the Garfield Treasury

Favorite Toy:  Cars

Favorite Breakfast:  Dad’s Pancakes

Favorite Things To Do:  Be with Family, Go on Trips

Favorite Dinner:  Steak

Favorite Candy:  Gummy Bears

Favorite Dessert:  Dark Chocolate

If I Could Be An Animal, I Would Be A:  Cat


At the age of 9, Eli is our Classic Little Boy.  He’s always asking for “more time to play,” and never misses a chance to get dirty in the mud.


I come home from work to find elaborate road systems stretching across the living room, and love that Eli is not yet too old to love trucks.   Or maybe little boys are never too old to love trucks?


Probably never too old to love a good candy aisle, either.


Eli Age 9 is a wonderful person.  Always quick to smile, quick to laugh, quick to love.  He’s always been that way and we can it see looking back, even in his baby pictures.


It’s weird how the older your children get, the more you get to know who they seem to have been all along.  Like a thoughtful person who really does understand what the candles at church are for, and who notices other people’s feelings.

“Mommy, I’ll be here if you get tired and cold.  I’ll warm you up!”


Or an interesting kid who thinks it’s a good idea to tuck his apple into a seatbelt.


The apple is being taken care of by Fuzzy, the blanket made for him by Oma that he still loves more than anything else in the world.  This year he wanted to give Fuzzy a Halloween costume, and he asked me to make Fuzzy a sweater.  Eli is always noticing the details!  “Mom, do you know why kids at school are dumb?  Because they can’t even spell the F-word.  I see them write it on the walls, and they’re spelling it wrong.”

It’s  nice that Eli always lets us know exactly what he’s thinking about.


Eli has a very refined sense of taste, with an odd love of dark chocolate, sushi, tofu, and Sole Meunier.  He loves to bake and cook, just like Ratatouille, especially when there’s whipped cream involved.


He’s not always so good at doing what he’s told and his report cards usually say he’s very “social in class.”  But even though staying focused to do homework is a challenge, he loves the details of doing models.  Thanks to Uncle Nate and Auntie Leila for making us aware of that!  We’ve also learned that Eli can recite dates, wars, and historical facts straight out of the history books.  Uncle Nate, did you put something in Eli’s drink??


Eli is also quite a ham for the camera.





And when he’s not being a ham, he’s Mr. Cool.



Even at times, a little Mr. GQ….



The place and posture where you are most likely to find Elli is here, in the living room surrounded by legos.


Over the years we’ve accumulated so many legos that they are all jumbled together in huge bins, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Eli comes up with his own ideas, like Captain Nemo’s boat from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


Or the Metro.  Who needs kits anyway?  Not Eli.


“Mom, did you hear that?  The train’s wheels sound like a symphony!”

“This is the part of my Minecraft House that I reserved for the opera singers.”



Eli sees the world through a lens different from most of us.  I think his Dad has the same lens, which means I’ve been doubly blessed.  If he’s anything like his Dad, I think Eli might one day conquer the world.


With a smile like his, he is already halfway there.


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