Merry Christmas 2016


“Mommy, you have to sleep with the camera next to your bed so we don’t have to wait for you in the morning!”

“Does Santa speak German?  How does he read the map to know how to get here?”

“The thing I love most is the feeling of joy in my heart.  Christmas makes me feel joy.”

“Is Santa always fat, or does he get fat on Christmas Eve after eating so many cookies?”


This year Christmas was fun.  Eastern Europe seems to do Christmas better than anywhere on earth.


Lights strung over the streets, winter scenes and ornaments in all the window displays, and of course more Christmas markets than we could visit.  It was also fun because we can buy presents here!  The Christmas lists for Santa didn’t have to be made in October, and when someone changed their Wish List three days before, we were able to do something about it.  Jake wanted a sound system and a blue accordian bus.  Eli wanted a Lego TGV train and a stuffed reindeer.

It was elusive until Christmas Eve, but thank goodness Santa found the reindeer!


We had Christmas Eve with friends and Christmas day at home, and it was the most wonderful day, full of hot buttered rum, Carbon Leaf, dancing to the disco ball, bowls of tangerines, playing the piano, facetime with our families in Norwalk and DC, kinder punsch, building bus stops for the fleet of new buses, and a big melty pot of cheese fondue.  This new recipe for Christmas mimosas also turned out okay…


In the afternoon we went out for a walk and the kids rode their new scooters.  Thanks Mimi and Dede!  A light mist was falling but there were still a lot of people out walking around, and we were happy to join them down on the Graben.  The scooters were just what Jake and Eli needed to go riding over the cobblestones.


An open Starbucks was just what Mommy needed to remind her of Home.


The Christmas Market around Stephansdom was still faintly alive, and we went inside to light a candle.  How can we miss a single opportunity to walk inside this beautiful place?  There I am with Jake and Eli on their new scooters.  They keep growing.  They need to stop that!


And now one more year rolls by, with the belief in the Christmas Magic intact.  We keep telling them that the magic can last forever.  Thank you Vienna, for bringing the magic to all of us this year.