12 Years


Talk about getting lucky.  Who else would live this life with me?



8 thoughts on “12 Years

  1. Thank you, Pat and Buzz. Wow, what an honor that you bother to keep reading this :). Much love to you and all your kids and family, I hope your recent move is feeling like home! Love, Eve and Mike and the boys

  2. Happy anniversary to our favourite ‘neighbors’! What a wonderful life you have created, so thankful for your friendship.

  3. Perfect couple living in the now and with many more adventures as a family! Thanks for giving us opportunity to keep up on your travels. Our boys are about the same size and age, maybe we can try to get over there sometime before you move! Happy Anniversary! Love, Jennifer and Shane

  4. Congratulations you two. We have enjoyed keeping track of you via this blog.
    Pat and Buzz Schwartz

  5. Congratulations!! Today reminds me so much of that wonderful, wonderful day when you two were married here in Willows Lodge, Woodinville! I guess I could say “what a ride” it’s been since!” You were a beautiful couple then and you are still a beautiful couple! We love you so much!!!!
    Mom and Dad

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