Good Bye Zambia!

The truck with all our worldly possessions has pulled away, and now the house is empty.  The shuttle to take us to the airport will be arriving soon.  I think sometimes I’ll be able to escape feeling anything when we leave, or maybe I just hope I will, but the truth is that leaving is empty.  No matter how much you look forward to where you are going.  Because no matter how well you pack, you are leaving a piece of your soul behind.  The comfort comes later, I guess, when you realize you carry your life and your memories with you.  But right now it is hard.  You still don’t know yet which memories are etched into Forever, and which ones will be lost.  What will I forget?


So we have no choice now but to be in a state of Hope.  Hopeful that the life, the friends, and the memories we’ve made will still stay with us, and that when we step off the plane 30 hours and 6 time zones from now, it wasn’t all just a dream.











It wasn’t a dream.  Good-bye Zambia, we love you!!




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