Happy Birthday!

“Hey, do you guys know what Fraternal means?”

DSC_0653 (2)

“Yes!  It means that you sleep during the day and are active at night!”


For eight years, we have been holding, cuddling, tickling, teaching.  Sometimes their birthdays feel monumental, but not this time.  Right now it feels like we are still in a warm and wonderful place, where the world is new and Mom and Dad are fun, and the security of our family is enough to heal hurts and wipe away tears.  We read Little House books at bedtime, and when I come home from work at night, they follow me back to my room to bounce on the bed and tell me about their day.  Once again I wonder why I ever worried about not having a little girl.  Every night we kiss Jake’s dimple while he clutches us in his “huggers,” then give Eli an Eskimo kiss.  We promise to come back to check on them in five minutes.

Some nights, when the thunder is loud or if Daddy will be out late playing poker, I still sleep on the floor in their room.  There was a time when I did this to comfort them, but somewhere along the way it has become a comfort for me.


At eight years old, I’m not sure how many years of this we have left.



I hope I’m doing a good enough job.






Happy Birthday, My Babies.! We Love You Always And Forever.