Jake Gower, Age 8


“For my birthday, I want to flip a pancake and make it stick to the ceiling!”

At 8 years old, Jake is pretty into jokes.  He is always up for something funny.


He is reading everything in sight these days.  Chapter books, cookbooks, cartoons, the Lego Club magazine.  He also likes sports, so much that he signed up to take gymnastics, tennis, and swimming after school.  Jake is literally growing up!   At 54 inches tall he is finally fulfilling the genetic potential that we suspected was lurking in his genes.  This year Jake was chosen as one of the fastest two swimmers in his age group to represent Grade 2 on the swim team.


He also loves to run.  One weekend we went to the school track to release a little energy and it was like releasing the Energizer Bunny.  He just kept going and going, close to a mile and a half before asking, “can I stop now?”  Jake is pretty committed to whatever he sets his mind to.


Not only sports but crafty things, like potholders, wooden bead necklaces, and those plastic Make It Bake It kits.  He signed up for a Needlework class at school, made a teddy bear and a pillow, and spent many hours working on a latch hook project for his cousin Noelle.


In the mornings, Jake bounces out of bed when his Spiderman alarm clock goes off to do yoga with Mommy.  We get up in the dark and unroll our yoga mats, and do Trees and Downward Dogs and push-ups together to get our day started.  It’s pretty cool.  Kind of like dream come true for Mommy :).

DSC_0577 (1)

He also plays catch, practices the piano, works on “technology,” and plays basketball with Daddy.  Technology and Daddy are his favorite things!


At dinnertime, Jake’s job is to roll up the silverware and set out napkin rings.  Mommy doesn’t even think about rolling silverware and using napkin rings, but Jake always remembers the details.  He likes to make dinner a celebration.


In addition to setting the table, Jake helps in the kitchen by making pancakes and eggs for breakfast.  He wrote out his recipe on post-it notes so he could hang it by the stove while he works.


Jake writes everything.  Grocery lists, menus, game scores, weather; I think he has maybe 3 or 4 notebooks around the house that he keeps his notes in.  It’s nice the way he keeps in touch when we’re out doing errands.


Taking the car to get gas is another task where we can count on Jake for help.  Anything with buttons to push and keys to turn!



Jake makes his bed and packs his own school bag, and was chosen to be the narrator in the second grade play.  He is so busy that sometimes we set him in front of the Rosetta Stone or Typing Tutor when he runs out of things to do!


Some other facts about Jake, Age 8:

Favorite Color:  The Rainbow

Favorite Movie:  Home Alone, The Princess Bride

Favorite Food:  Indian, M&M Cookies, “Everything”

Favorite Fruit:  Strawberries and Apples

Best Friend:  Neel

Favorite Toy:  Make-It Bake-It kits, “anything technology”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Oreo Cookie

Favorite Classes:  PE, IT

Favorite Book:  Dr. Seuss, “everything”

Favorite Song:  Under African Skies, by Paul Simon

Here is my Jake this year under African skies, in Botswana and Mauritius:



I’m not sure when our little Jake became such a responsible little person.  He can melt your heart with a cuddle and he has a smile that can light up a room.  The truth is, he was born this way, and his Dad and I aren’t surprised that he can do all of these things.

Maybe we are just surprised that he is ours.

Happy Birthday, Honey Bear.


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