Paris 2015




We are going to to Paris today!  As sad as it was to say good-bye to everyone in Ingwiller, we were at least comforted by knowing our vacation wasn’t yet over.  There are worse things to face than a drive across France, where the roads are straight and smooth, gasoline is always available, mini-markets sell pastries and fresh coffee, and you can count on the bathroom to be clean.  Even the sky seems more familiar here.


We are still breathing in and breathing out.  Really?  We’re going to Paris now!  Mmm, more crepes and wine.  More of everything that’s perfect about life.

The apartment we rented was in Le Marais, an urban neighborhood close to everything with artists, galleries, the Picasso Museum, and narrow streets full of bistros next to the Place des Vosges. It was a little bit rustic inside (don’t hit your head Mike!), but the location turned out to be perfect.  Outside there was a bakery on the corner, two Metro stops, and sidewalks busy with Parisians sipping espresso and having cocktails.  The courtyard was full of soaring windows and walls covered in ivy, there was even a Christmas tree!

Jake and Eli are playing with a water spout.


After arriving in Paris and unloading all our suitcases, Mike and I took the rental car back to the airport.  Charles de Gaulle, maybe the worst airport in Europe.  This is a picture of us the last time we flew through CGD.  We rode buses around the parking lot for HOURS because there was nothing else to do!  It hasn’t changed a whole lot.


But this trip was quick, and when we came back home we were greeted by Oma and Opa holding a bottle of wine and a bowl of borrel notjes.  Time for Happy Hour!  Dolphin was in charge of pouring the wine.


Happy  Hour is fun.  We played Catch Phrase while Jake and Eli played with their animals and watched Masha and the Bear in French.  They are so desperate for television they’ll watch anything, language be damned!  It was nice to see Masha and the Bear again.  Then we took a walk to look in the gallery windows at Place Des Vosges and decided to have dinner on the corner at Brasserie Royal Turenne.


Roasted duck brochettes, steak frites, scallops, salade Parisienne, chicken burger, poisson, and chocolate lava cake with actual functional lava.  Is this what chocolate lava cake is supposed to be like?  My goodness.  I get it now.  Jake, stop licking the plate!


A few glasses of bordeaux, rose, and biere noelle later, we are warm and fed and happy and ready to go to sleep.  Paris awaits tomorrow.  We are sleeping in Paris tonight!