Families are life’s greatest gifts.  Even when a steady sense of true comfort and joy can be elusive in a crowd of people thrown together by chance, we remain bound by memories and a deeply rooted love for each other that makes even the rough moments worth it.    You could argue that adding the rough spots to our history is what binds us stronger still.

“Who forgot the keys??  Stop asking to open the gate!!  Nobody is opening the gate!!”


For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health.  Committed to holidays and reunions no matter what because that is part of the story.  The genealogy, the family tree, the past, and the future that is what makes a family Exist.


Without any of the drama or the annoyances or decades of being misunderstood, why would we even bother?  Nobody watches Downton Abby because everyone gets along.      We keep watching it because everyone loves each other and is committed to each other, no matter what.

I’ll take it.  No matter what.