The solstice is the darkest day of the year.  Celebrated by ancient people, probably some Pagans and Druids in there.  Why did we ever stop celebrating the day when cold and dark start the slow transition back to warmth and light?  Those Pagans.  Better to be Christian and celebrate loftier things during the darkest days of the year.   Like candles and birth stories and… light….


Thanks to Pamela, we had a White Dinner in our very own Weinstub.  The table was overflowing with Brat Wurst, Thuringer Wurst, Nuremberg Wurst, pretzel rolls, and about 10 pounds of sauerkraut.  Mustard!  Where is the mustard??  I swear we bought mustard.  We did get some wine though, didn’t we?

Watch your glass, everyone.  Oma is coming.


Pamela, we are so glad you’re here and that you don’t mind spending your holiday amongst some strange relatives.  Because some of us are starting to act a little weird…


DSC_0977 (1)

Some of us are not quite sure what to make of it…


Hey, I thought I warned you to keep your eye on Mom!  Whose glass does she have this time?


I blame the sausages.  What was in those sausages, anyway??  No matter, it is a solstice and a White Dinner to remember.

Thank you Pamela!!!