Nate and Sahara in Zambia, Take Two


“Hey, do you guys remember that time when we were 8 years old, and we were in Zambia having drinks and playing UNO at the Royal Livingstone while hippos and elephants were playing around Victoria Falls?”



“Yeah, that was pretty cool.”

Pretty cool to have my brother here too.



Pool, water fights, cannon balls, water polo.  Should kids keep their voices down when playing outside in the pool?  We decided that being loud was mostly okay, as long as it was laughter and shouting because they were having fun, not whining.  The sound of whining is so annoying.

DSC_0647 DSC_0643

Monopoly, Life, Eli not really wanting to play but instead making asphalt and bombs.  “It has 2 layers and takes about 2 minutes for this part to burn.  It smells like smoke.”  Eli needs a kiss from Big Steve!


Bike rides and scooters and watching the steamroller rumble by, seeing who can jump the farthest off the dirt pile.  We went to a crazy fun birthday party with 3 pinatas and a pink cotton candy machine, and the kids each brought home a pile of candy that kept them busy for the next 5 days.  Stacking and unstacking, arranged neatly in a dumptruck, on occasion found sequestered beneath a shelter of City Blocks and Legos.  Each pile was tightly inventoried, each Airhead and Starburst mentally accounted for by both number and flavor.  Three Peas in a Competitive Candy Pod.  I love being asked, “Mom, which of these trucks do you love the most?”


Grilling burgers, boerewors (South African sausages), and corn in the backyard, Gin and Bitter Lemon.


A tour of South African red wine!


Steaks at Latitude, Grandma’s doughnuts on Sunday morning.

“They taste just like Grandma’s!”  Thanks, Nate :).


We went swimming at the school and showed Sahara the slides on the new playground, and wore ourselves out with walkie talkies, Justin Bieber, Minions, and Shut Up and Dance.  I loved Sahara keeping me company in the kitchen while I rolled out the doughnuts!  We listened to Annie and sang along.


Blokus, gin rummy, more Monoply, can I have one more gin and tonic?  Pussy Foot, Margaritas, Moonspinners and Swiss Family Robinson.  We have so many artists in the family!



Sahara was a little wary of Eli making his bomb.


Water Fight!  Attack!!!!

DSC_0680 DSC_0677

And then let’s all go get warm in the bathtub!!  No staring yet, but this might be one of the last times we can do this….


By the end of our visit we were looking for ways to make it last longer.  More Monopoly!  Hand Turkeys!



What a wonderful visit!  I think the only way it could have been better would have been if Victoria Falls actually had water.


We had Ocean Basket, though.  Lots of chips and fried calamari!


Three Peas In a Pod.  I hope we’re setting them up okay for a lifetime of knowing that they are Family.  And if that happens, it’s better than all the hippos and elephants and gin and tonics in the world.

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