Last Day of Vacation


This is the box our dinner was delivered in on our last night in Mauritius.  Sort of how we felt.  A feeling like a bad case of the Sunday Blues.  We know the end is coming but we’re not ready yet!  This morning, we all woke up early to watch the sunrise together over the ocean.  You know you are well rested when getting up to see the sunrise sounds better than sleeping in.


It’s always such a battle, the late night vs. the early morning.  I love them both.  The morning is when the world and my thoughts feel still and clear.  When I’m most productive, when life make sense, when I feel peace about my understanding of how it works.  But night is when the fun happens, and when none of all that analytical stuff matters!  I love cocktails and late dinners, and having conversations over another bottle of wine.  I like bothering to do my hair a little and putting on something other than a t-shirt.

We’ve had a few late nights in the past two weeks, so today was the sunrises’s turn.


There is more than just one way to live, isn’t there?  More than just one “waking hour,” more than just one way to cook a fish, more than just one opinion on the role that McDonald’s should play in a vacation, more than just one God to worship.

The dashboard of our rental car:



What a great and wonderful thing, that we are not all the same!