Jake and Eli are working on a unit in school right now, where they’re learning about natural habitats and what our roles are as humans to protect them.  Today we were invited to the school for a presentation in the Taj Pamodzi Theatre, where the kids taught us about habitats, invertebrates, and how we as a community can protect these things.

Jake’s job was to welcome the parents to the show.  He rehearsed at breakfast.


He did a great job up on stage!


The kids all sang songs about animals and bees, and danced while playing instruments.


Eli had a drum part, second from the right.


After the group performance, they went out to stand by their posters and present what they’d learned about habitats.  There were some really cute pictures of plants, animals, and insects.  Also some really cute kids.  They all had great presentations!      I was impressed!



Great job today, Jake and Eli!!  We are so proud of you!!


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