Close Encounters

Mimi and Dede, taking a walk on the Wild Side!


Really?  Walk with the lions?  The kids weren’t allowed to go, being too small and morsel-like, so we hugged Mimi and Dede good bye one morning after our Full English Breakfast of eggs, beans toast, and grilled tomatoes.  Stay safe!  We love you!  Come back soon!



What’s that guy doing?  Is he tired?  Or licking his chops?


The Lion Encounter is a pretty magical thing.  It allows people to get up close and personal with the lions, and uses payments to help support African conservation efforts.  The lions are not sedated or given drugs, and when old enough they are released into the wild or onto a nature reserve where they can’t be hunted for game.


We were glad to get Mimi and Dede back again in one piece!