Birthday Drink


Mmm, Kir Royale… and look who else showed up to share it with us!DSC_0764


Yep, a herd of zebras.  Wow, what a great day.  Music, coffee, meat pies, strawberry milk, and now Happy Hour at the Royal Livingstone…


… and early enough for us to catch the sunset with some sundowners, along the mighty Zambezi river.



In the background you can see the mist rising up from Victoria Falls.  What a perfect place to have a cocktail before dinner!


See the zebra in the background?  A herd of 10-15 came through, with babies and everything.  Pretty cool!  I’ve never had a drink with a zebra.  The hotel is inside the National Park, which means you never know what you might find outside…


Maybe even a big hammock!


If somebody had told me that I would spend my 40th birthday drinking champagne with zebras, I would have thought, only in my dreams.  It turns out, that real life is even better than my dreams.  It’s nice to find myself at a place in life that, for the first time, is something I don’t want to ever end.



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