Happy Valentine’s Day!



How fun to have both Grandmas here to celebrate!  Thanks to them we have fun decorations, chocolate, and someone to make the cookie dough.  Not to mention a Grandpa and a Husband…


I think that is about all the sweetness we need.

Gabriel came over to help us decorate cookies while Kelly kept me company in the kitchen.  Sugar cookies with almond paste, and tons of sprinkles, mmm….




Mimi and Oma were out back.


Relaxing in the African afternoon sunshine…


Even Dede went for a swim!


Later, after everyone was dried and dressed, we went to Portico for dinner.  Our favorite place for pizza and drinks and ambience.


The wood-fired ovens make perfect Italian crust, with real mozzarella, prosciutto, basil… we all ordered cocktails, mojitos and an Aperol spritz, and in hindsight probably should have stopped there.  We forgot for a moment that we were living in a land-locked African country, and decided that since it was a special occasion we should all order the “Tasting Menu.”  Featuring seafood.  Silly us.  It was pretty gross!  Everything was cold and tasted like it came from a can.  Oh Portico, how could you have let us down like this?

Although the pizza is still good… yes, the pizza, which is why we came in the first place!  All right, we can come back here.  It’s going to be okay!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweeties.  Dad, Mike, Dede, Jake and Eli… Life would be pretty boring without you guys :).

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