Happy Birthday Jake and Eli!!  Time to celebrate turning 7!!!


When we asked them what they wanted to do this year for their birthday party, they both said “Afrikolor!!”

Afrikolor is a place here in Lusaka that makes beautiful ceramic pottery.  They have pottery wheels, and artists who are willing to spend time teaching kids how to use their wheels to make their own pots.  The kids went one day for a school trip, and since then, birthday parties at Afrikolor have become pretty popular.


But before sitting down at the potter’s wheel, we let the kids run and jump off a little steam on the playground!


At one point they figured out that they could bounce each other pretty high.  Kids remain the same, don’t they?!


Afrikolor also has pizza.  Mmm, pizza and Capri Sun…



The boys each invited three friends.  We were lucky to have Isaac, Neel, Gabriel, Josh, Aditya, and Arjun join us for the day.  Twins in separate classes makes birthday parties hard!  I don’t know what other parents do, but Mike and I felt like eight kids was about all we could handle.  In the past we’ve always done huge things for like 20 kids plus their parents, but you know what?  All these kids actually EAT now.  And they require just as much attention, to make sure they’re not beating each other up.  Fortunately, Eli and Jake can still be talked into just about anything.  There were tons of great kids we could have invited, but eight in total turned out to be the magic number.


The first group of four started with painting already-made bowls, while the other four worked at the potter’s wheel.  They made some pretty beautiful things, these 7-year old boys.



On the other side of the patio, the other four were working on their pots.



Then the groups switched places, painting and potting.


All the kids were extra cute, but you know, I’m only putting up pictures of my kids because, well, they’re my kids!

This kid is also pretty cute.  The staff there were so helpful and patient!


And, of course this one is especially helpful…. and cute…


Channeling his inner Patrick Swayze…


The best part was that Mimi and Dede were also here to help!



By the end of the afternoon, we had made some pretty nice things.  After some glazing and a trip through the kiln, they would be ready to pick up another day.



Now it’s time for ice cream and cupcakes!



The next day, the Bennetts came over for a barbecue, and another birthday party with cake and presents at home.


Happy Birthday, Eli and Jake.  You’re still my babies!!  We love you!!!

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