Jake Gower, Age 7


“Can you put up the pull-up bar?  I need to get stronger so I can move the couch!”

“Can I have a cuddle?”


The two faces of Jake.  Jakey, A.k.a., Pork Chop, Honey Bear, and Baby Serval (a serval is an African cat with spots, kind of like a leopard).  After seeing a baby serval at an animal park hugging his mommy, he decided that’s who he was going to be.  He is so cute and snuggly, always ready for a hug…


But at the same time a bit rough and tumble.  He’s definitely not the guy picking fights at lunch, but he could probably outrun and outweigh any of the kids in first grade.  Seriously, you should see him run!  On Sundays when we go running through the neighborhood, long after Mommy is tired, Jake is like the Energizer bunny.  He keeps going and going and going…

Mike and I think we could train him.


Jakey is a sweet and sensitive guy.  He cares about other people’s feelings and understands cause and effect, and his favorite activity seems to be working hard.  He helps bring in the groceries and helps Ms. Hilda pull the sheets off the top bunk bed for laundry, and always puts his clothes and toys away the first time he’s asked.  He always asks for things to do, so we give him math worksheets and tasks like organizing old coins.  We know he’s not weird because one day we gave him a map to fold, and he got so frustrated trying to fold it!  Welcome to adulthood, Jake.


Although there is still a cute, normal kid in there.


Jake draws really well, thanks to Daddy’s guidance and encouragement.  He makes neat cartoons with little details and conversation bubbles, and he also likes to make menus and lists.  We are teaching our children the art of being well-prepared.


If he’s finished his math worksheets and we’ve run out of ways to keep him busy, Jake strays toward electronics… remote controls, radios, the iPad, basically anything with buttons to push.  He dreams of being a DJ.  “Daddy, can I start the car?  Can I turn off the car?”  It’s hard to say no to this guy.


Some other Jake Age 7 Facts:

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite Songs:  “Odds Are” by the Bare Naked Ladies, “I Bet My Life” by Imagine Dragons

Favorite School Activity:  Art, Reading

Current Book:  Ralph S. Mouse / The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Teeth Lost: 6

Friends:  Everyone.  Gabriel, Isaac, Neel, Aditya and Arjun, Julia, Josh.

“When I Grow Up, I Want To Be:  Farmer, Zookeeper, Pilot.  Did I say Farmer?”


Why is this guy so cute?



Okay, I know I’m biased.  But we really love our Jake!!!



Jakey, you are a dreamy little person, with the kindest intentions and a heart of gold.  I don’t know why I was so lucky to be given you as my baby, but I feel like the luckiest Mom on earth.  Thinking of you makes me happy, and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things your life has in store.  We love you Jake!!!  Happy Seventh Birthday, Honey Bear.


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