Eli Gower, Age 7


Hooray!  And his two front teeth have finally grown back in!  He can enjoy eating food again now!


As far as “enjoying” life goes, Eli doesn’t seem to need a whole lot of encouragement to do that.  He’s been interested in figuring out the way things work since he was a baby, and we’re never quite sure what we’re going to find Eli doing.

Stacking Bottle Caps


Squeezing Lemons to Make Lemon Water


Examining his Teeth Under the Microscope


Shining Light Through Beer Bottles (that’s Daddy’s Home Brew)


Feeling the Sand


Making Really Long Straws


This is a set of Musical Instruments, that make different sounds when you bang the lids on the cans.


Eli also likes to sniff flowers.


Eli is a very special guy, who we sometimes think is walking to the beat of a different drum.  That would be his OWN drum.  He likes order and plans as much as the rest of us do (well, as much as Mom and Jake do), but he prefers to arrive at conclusions in his own time rather than be told how things are done.  Whether it’s swimming in the deep end, learning to read, cleaning up his room, or helping to set the table, he takes his own route in his own time to accomplish things.  We are thrilled this week because he finally decided he didn’t like getting into a messy bed at night!  There is a sort of brilliance in this approach to life…


Eli is full of thoughts and observations about what he sees in the world.  He enjoys moments and beautiful things, and is always up for a tea party in the kitchen or a trip around the garden to watch butterflies.  In the morning he flips pancakes and makes eggs just like his brother, and we still call him Remy because he loves to eat everything.  Mushrooms, camembert, curries, spicy pizza; last week he ate a can of artichoke hearts for a snack.  He draws ships and shrimp and Daddy drinking beer, and the Legos!  So many Legos!


This is the inside of a camper, complete with coffee, a dog, and sausages for when the dog gets hungry.


This year for Christmas, he developed an intense friendship with Lobster, an ornament we bought years ago when we spent Thanksgiving with our families in Boston.  We also learned Christmas carols and went to a caroling party, which was tons of fun!  Of all the beautiful Christmas carols that we learned, Eli’s favorite (judging by the way he recited all the words the next day) was Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.  “Christmas is going to be great!!”


“Zambians are kind of hard to see in the dark.”

“Santa is a special baby, like God.”

“i know where color came from.  God put food coloring in everything!”

“Of course Daddy’s going to the bathroom.  Why else would he have the iPad?”

“If you can’t get skin cancer for 30 years, that’s good.  God made a good decision on that.”

Eli has a unique way of seeing the world.  For a while, when Mommy coming home from work meant he had to practice reading for 15 minutes, he used to pick books about spiders and insects because he knows Mommy doesn’t like bugs and thought this would get him out of it.  Again, it’s hard to argue against the brilliance…


Other fun facts about Eli Age 7:

Favorite color:  Brown

What I want to be when I grow up:  “Daddy’s job, Make Pizza, Chef in Paris, I don’t know yet.”

Teeth Lost:  7

Favorite Songs:  John Williams, Pirates of the Caribbean

Friends:  Gabriel, Gavin, Calan, Jayden, Aditya and Arjun, Diego

Best Friend:  His blanket, Fuzzy.


Eli, you are a precious little person, who reminds us every day that life is beautiful and that there’s always time to stop and smell the roses.  We love you, sweetie, and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives seeing the world through your eyes.  Happy Seventh Birthday, Baby!  XOXOXOXO



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