Dead Vlei

Inside Sossusvlei National Park, there is a place called Dead Vlei. 


You take a wild safari vehicle ride over the sand dunes past other “vleis” to get to the entrance.  A “vlei” is the Namibian word for marsh.  The Dead Vlei is a dead marsh, full of dry mud and petrified trees.


Getting to Dead Vlei meant another hike up the dunes, which at first we weren’t sure was worth it.  Another hike?  Aren’t the kids getting tired?


Nope!  I never thought I’d see the day.  We’ve officially reached the age where the kids have more energy than we do!

And wow.  It was worth it.





Kelly, Jason, Mike, and I took a break with our twizzlers amongst the weird desert landscape of Dead Vlei, while watching Naia, Jake, Eli, and Gabriel climb yet an other huge sand dune.  Straight up the side, using plastic cocktail swizzlers as “climbing picks.”  There little bodies disappeared in the sand as they climbed higher and higher, and we were incredulous that they actually made it to the top.  Now the fun part!  Coming down!  They rolled and tumbled and slid, getting sand in their hair and their socks and everywhere else, so that we’d be finding it in our house for the next few weeks even after we’d returned from Namibia.  But what is the desert without sand?  What would my life be, without these guys!!