Cape Cross, The Skeleton Coast


Jake, where was your favorite place on the trip?  “Cape Cross!”


Why?  “Because we got to see seals!  And because Daddy was using me as a hammer to knock down the sand!”



Eli, what about you?


Is that part of somebody’s rib cage?

After leaving the stifling desert heat of Damaraland, we were only too happy to see the Marine Layer ( as we affectionately called it), rising like a mirage along the coastline.


A “salt road” runs along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia’s western border; so-called for all the shipwrecks of unfortunate European explorers who didn’t make it.  Has the road turned to salt yet?


It’s like snow!!


Pure snow!


Does anyone know the street value of this desert?


A few miles later we made it to Cape Cross Lodge, so excited to get out of the car and finally see the beach!


So excited we didn’t even notice we’d forgotten to put our jackets on.


Here is Jason’s album cover, for when he becomes a Rock Star:


Here are Jake and Eli, discovering shower caps for the first time.



Come on guys, let’s get some warm clothes on and try this again!



Jake has taken an interest in photography these days…


But even with our jackets, it’s COLD here!  Thankfully, inside there was a roaring fire and some soft, comfy couches.  There’s Jake drying his wet socks and shoes.


Six days of rough roads, blazing sun, and “rustic” sleeping quarters turned the Cape Cross Lodge into a dream.  Is this still Africa?  It feels more like we’re spending an early winter holiday in coastal Maine.  Waves are crashing on the beach as the tide rolls in, and even without the moon we can see them glowing green with the bioluminescence of phytoplankton.  Our rooms are cozy with down comforters in the whistling wind, and we bundle up in scarves and coats to go down to dinner in the dining room.  Kelly taught us all how to play Phase 10 while we waited for our seafood salad and rump steaks.  So delicious!  Maybe one of the best meals of our trip?  It’s fun to say “rump steaks.”


Cape Cross wasn’t on our initial itinerary for Namibia, but our friends told us we shouldn’t miss it, and now we understand why.


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