Twyflefontain, Damaraland, Namibia

Welcome to Twyflefontain Country Lodge!


Deep in Namibia’s mahogany desert, our next day of traveling took us to Damaraland, home of Namibia’s Himba tribe.  The women are famous for their striking manner of dress.  Both kinds!  Classic Tribal meets Western Colonial?


Old meets New?  Or Old meets…  Old??


Anyway, it was fascinating. 

The last 70km of our drive, however, were a teeth-clenching, seat-gripping ordeal over a road so bad and bumpy it could have churned butter.  It was so rough we couldn’t talk or listen to music, and at every minute we were expecting the van to blow apart from being rattled to bits!  None too soon we reached the lodge, snugly tucked into the base of a hillside.


Remember that flat tire back in Etosha?  Well we had six holes in it now!  Good thing we made it when we did.


The kids leaped out of the car and wasted no time scrambling up through the rocks.  Watch our for snakes, kids!


We’re still not sure whether the road to get all the way out here was worth it, but look at this cool pool!  It even has a waterfall.  And it only took about five minutes for us to be numbed enough by the freezing water to enjoy it!

DSC_0832 (1)


We explored the ancient petroglyphs,


And took a hike to see elephant prints and ancient rockpiles.  It was really hot.  I forgot there is an age where kids like to collect rocks, when you see them lying there all shiny and magnificent in the sun, but when you bring them home they don’t really look so magnificent anymore.  We’re in that age now.  Daddy’s cargo pockets were full of rocks! 


The dining area at the Lodge was stunning.  We woke with the sun and had breakfast and dinner every day looking out over the wide vista of desert colors and grassy watering holes.


We managed to fit in some Happy Hours too.  Somehow Mike and Jason got them to open up the “Ambassador’s Suite” where we could watch Brazil vs. Chile in the World Cup and drink several liters of beer.


The light outside starts fading to purple, and while everyone is watching the soccer game, I’m watching our children wander through the tall, yellow grass and clamber over dark red rocks that grow copper in the setting sun.  One has a stick, one is throwing things, one is “steering a pirate ship,” and one is directing activity in fluffy, pale blue moon boots.  The breeze is picking up and a little voice claims, “I just found a treasure!”  The sun is slowly going down.


Later, another buffet dinner and the mood is not quite as peaceful.  More zebra, springbok, crocodile… and more up, down, up, down, first for soup then for french fries then more soup then dessert, and oh, can we have more juice?  Please?  Cute little faces enjoying every minute of this dining freedom, I really shouldn’t begrudge them the buffet because that’s part of what makes buffets fun, right?  Getting to pick whatever you want, and if you don’t like it, going back again?  But you know, buffets are not my favorite style of dinner and they are even less so with kids!  I’m tired of getting up!  Can I first finish my springbok?  Please?


I’m not sure why that picture is sideways?  Sigh. 

In the morning, we wake up early to watch the magic of the sunrise.  There is still another buffet and our suitcases are filled with rocks, but these little people are seeing the world and all its precious glories for the first time.  What a lovely thing, to be reminded of the glorious, too.