Our first night in Windhoek!  Spent at the lovely Galton House.  Dinner at Joe’s the night before fulfilled one of our requisite tourist experiences in Namibia, and it did not disappoint!  We were able to catch part of the World Cup, drink a few beers, and order a huge plate of springbok medallions, ostrich, crocodile, and zebra; medium-rare.  Everyone says you should go for the game at least medium.  Springbok is yummy, I guess it’s kind of like deer although I never really eat deer.  The kids liked their fish and chips!  And yes, that is a wall lined entirely with Jagermeister behind Gabriel’s head.  We are under the German influence now.


We can also tell that the Germans are around by the salad dressing.  Mayonnaise!  I thought Thousand Island was an American thing?  Now, where’s the strudel….

The next morning we loaded up our van with fortifications for the road (apples, salami, cheese, several bottles of wine) and set off to see the Cheetahs.  They did not disappoint either!


We caught this guy mid-growl:


He’s hungry for his dinner!  We learned that Cheetahs don’t chew, they only swallow, because that’s the fastest way to eat their prey before the larger animals come and steal if from them.


Some of them are really cute!


This is a cheetah stalking the kids through the fence.


There are popular “walking safaris” all over Africa where people can literally walk with the wild animals, but children are never allowed.  The animals view the little kids as prey because they are small.  We tried to use Eli, Jake, Gabriel, and Naia as bait to make the cheetahs jump. 


See him crouching down and getting ready to spring?


The Conservation Center takes care of many many cheetahs, and we were able to walk around the grounds (outside the fences!) where we witnessed feeding time, had lunch in the garden, and then tried the Goat Milk ice cream.  If you can imagine goat cheese turned into ice cream, then you have a pretty good idea of what it tasted like.  The Pez candy we had back at the car tasted pretty good too.  And now that we’re done with the cheetahs, it’s fun to play with the sliding doors on the rental car!

All happy African experiences are alike.  Each happy traveler experiences his happy African experience in his own way. 

Look, bed nets!