Last Day of School


Kindergarten graduates already?

Image Image

Daddy made french toast, and we had a special treat. 


Daddy and Eli like the toasted edges, while Mommy and Jake like the frosted middle part best. 

It was even better with Uncle Naties and Sahara there! 


Jake’s Kindergarten teacher was Ms. Mutwale.  Jake loved her, and so did I.


There are so many things that the boys learned this year!  Reading, swimming, riding bikes, counting to 100, counting by 2’s and 5’s and 10’s, writing little sentences, drawing fish and chameleons and snowmen.  They learned about the world, can name the continents and countries, they can start their own baths now and get out of the tub and dressed in their jammies on their own.  They know to wear seatbelts and can buckle themselves, they know to turn off lights to “save energy,” they started a compost pile to save the world, and are always wanting to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  They can turn on the TV, make playlists on the iPad, and can put in DVDs and operate movies all by themselves.  Not to mention that we live in Africa now.


To celebrate our last day we went to dinner at Portico.  Pizza, salad, a bottle of wine, more pizza…


I think we made it sweetie…


I think we’d better stop with the wine now…


Congratulations Jake and Eli!!  We love you!!


2 thoughts on “Last Day of School

  1. I can NOT believe how big these boys are! They are precious and I can tell you are making the most of every moment with them. Hug to you!

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