Jake, Age 6


Reindeer Name:  Blitzen

Alter Ego:  Harlow The Cat, Baby Cat, Baby Bird.  He may be a big kid now, but he is still cute as ever!


Favorite Candy off the Gingerbread House:  Spice Gumdrops (the purple ones)

Meal Preference:  Carbohydrates

Favorite Toy:  Lego Buildings, Remote Control Car, Walkie Talkies

Favorite Colors:  Blue and Pink


Favorite Class in School:  Art

Teeth Lost:  1

Most Common Phrase:  “Can I have a treat?”

Favorite after-school activity:  Swimming

Jake also bounces out of bed to get himself ready for school,


Loves to read, even in the dark,


Helps Mommy Bake (note the walkie talkie close by)


And at parties, he seems to have a way with the ladies.  Although it’s starting to get a little bewildering.  Last weekend we were at his one of his best friend’s house for her 7th birthday (Naia), and I overheard her say to him,”It’s not that I don’t like you anymore, Jake, it’s just that you were nicer when you were younger!”  And then later, the four girls dressed like princesses and lined themselves up, and demanded that he tell them which was the most beautiful.  Poor guy!!  So we have started some lessons about girls.  It’s tough being a guy sometimes.


Jakey, you are perfect just the way you are.






Happy Birthday Honey Bear!!!


One thought on “Jake, Age 6

  1. First thing that comes to mind after looking at pictures of our favorite 6 year olds in the whole world – getting to know you, getting to know all about you – we would rather be doing it in person but this is the next best thing and it can almost feel like we are there. Jake – Dede and I love the pictures and seeing what you are doing in Lusaka. Like your brother, you are a wonderful, adorable, fantastic 6 year old- great birthday smile. You two had two of the most beautiful birthday cakes I have ever seen. Much love on your 6th birthday. Dede and Mimi

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