Eli, Age 6


Reindeer Name:  Prancer

Alter Egos:  Remy the Chef, Max the Cat, Swiper, Baby Cheetah

Favorite Candy Off the Gingerbread House:  Red Vines and Marshmallows


Meal Request:  Pancakes, “Meat,” Mushroom Omelettes


Favorite Toy:  Electric Train, Bus, Drawing, Lego Vehicles

Favorite Colors:  Red, Purple, and Brown

Favorite Class in School:  PE


Teeth Lost:  4

Favorite Christmas Song:  Silver Bells

Eli also loves to help Daddy make videos,


Play with “Eggie” in his water house,


Make soup (his specialty is anything with cabbage),


Cuddle with his blankie,


And we always find him drawing.  Even in the car!


During our road trip to Mozambique, we were driving late and watching the sunset.  He said “Jesus is the Sun!”  We said yes, Eli, Jesus is like the sun, thinking he was very smart to be thinking about Jesus.  Then as the sun started to slip down behind the trees, he said “Jesus is going down!”



Happy Birthday Honey Muffin!!


One thought on “Eli, Age 6

  1. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you – Dede and I miss and love you so much and we are counting the days until we step off the plane in Lusaka. But, in the meantime, Happy Birthday, Eli. We love seeing the pictures and seeing exactly what you are doing and everything about you. You are a wonderful, handsome, adorable, perfect 6 year old. Love, Mimi and Dede

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