Moving Day

Really?  Did the truck really come today??


After being told for three months that our household treasures still hadn’t begun the long journey from Belgium to South Africa by sea, we found out a week ago that the crates could, after all, fit in the hold of a cargo plane.  The question “Why did it take them 3 months to figure that out?” flitted briefly between our ears.  But today, there is no sense in wasting irritated energy on such unproductive thoughts!  It’s here :).


Who knew that one day our furniture, cookbooks, and winter coats would one day travel across three continents?  How does it all arrive intact?  How did we become the “foreigners” with our weird brands of clothing and boxed cake mixes?  More importantly, why do we have SO MANY winter coats?  And why did we bring them all to Africa??


I will say, that while many of our “things” are not necessary for the rituals of our daily lives, with the holidays coming we are grateful for the nostalgic odds and ends that make them special.  Cookie cutters, a garland of poinsettias; the boys were especially excited to see the “Christmas Trunk,” and I am so happy to have my Kitchenaid mixer!

We can always make do, as we’ve been making do since June 4th when we packed up our home in Baku to begin the next adventure.  But a bit of nostalgia is okay.  The sugar bowl from our honeymoon in Sicily, our kitchen trivets from Turkey, and the hurricane lamp full of Ukrainian easter eggs connect us to the memories of a life now past, yet part of us still the same.  Even our wine bottles tell a story.


It is nice to have our treasures back!



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