First Lost Tooth! Congratulations Jake!


And in solidarity with his twin brother, his first one out was the same as Eli:  front, bottom left.


It was loosened today after biting into an apple.  Then somehow during dinner, it disappeared.  Literally, it disappeared!  We looked all over the kitchen but it was nowhere to be found.  Maybe it got lost in the snickerdoodles we had for dessert?  Eli and Jake call them “snickernoodles.”

I don’t know how Jake managed to “lose” his first tooth, but we reassured him the Tooth Fairy would find it.  With the cute note he wrote asking for help, I’m sure there will be some Kwacha under his pillow in the morning.

One thought on “First Lost Tooth! Congratulations Jake!

  1. a great place to lose a tooth – right in front so there is a little hole to put a straw through. We’re very confident the tooth fairy made it, particularly when there was a helpful note. Tooth fairies are very smart. XOXOXOXXO Dede and Mimi

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