Little Boy Update


Five years later, some things remain the same.


I am still taking the same pictures of my kids!

Laying in bed, eating their lunch, wrestling each other; getting hugged by a huge purple M and M.


Well, I guess some of the details have changed!

Every day now, we wake up at 6am to be ready for the school bus that picks us up at 6:35.  This is actually not as bad as it sounds, because it gets our day started and it also gets me ready to leave for work by 7:30 so I can be home no later than 5.  Mike and I can have a little coffee and talk about our plans for the day, and by then the sun is up and shining on the purple bougainvillea outside in the driveway.  The drive to work is about 10 minutes, and I spend it flipping around the radio stations and trying to avoid hitting the bicyclists who come flying out of my blind spots.  Nowhere is the decades of Christian missionary influence in Africa more evident than on the radio.  One minute will be an R and B tune or some cool African rhythms, the next is a chorus of “Our God Is An Awesome God” sung by an enthusiastic megachurch choir.  It can be very calming, and brings back memories.  Some mornings, it is kind of nice to be reminded of Blessed Assurance.

Eli and Jake are doing well adjusting to their life as Kindergartners.


When we signed them up for school, we were asked if we wanted them to be in the same or different classes.  They are in separate classes because we Googled it, and that’s what Google said to do.  It seems to be working out just fine.  Their teachers send out newsletters every week of the things they are learning, including pictures of things they do in class.  The newsletters are identical, which is something I guess we notice having a kid in each class.  Also interesting is that we notice how our kids have different reports of what they “do,” despite having the same assignments.  Jake brings home his books and homework every day, but when we ask Eli about his class, he says, “what homework?”  Poor guy.  If he didn’t have a twin, he would probably get away with it!  Mike and I continue to be fascinated with how different they are, and how different we have to be as parents to each of them.  Maybe we only had one phase of “baby,” but we are certainly having two distinct phases of parenthood.  Having them side by side continues to give us the reassurance that how we parent is sort of irrelevant.  Of course teaching them manners and eating healthy and all that is sort of under our control, but they are two distinct people with two distinct attitudes despite how we treat them.   It is a continued relief to know it is not our fault!


Although they are 5 and growing in independence, they are still very much cute little boys.  They are always saying “my brother” now, as if they finally understand what that means.  We hear them playing in the other room, once there was a whole progression in about 30 minutes of kitties and bears, kitties and guns, dolphins and guns, Star Wars and dolphins, then suddenly it became houses and trucks.  The whole time they were crawling around on the floor and jumping off the couch, and at some point they were ducklings and jumpy squirrels, and then Eli got distracted by legos and Jake started to draw.  That is often how we spend our afternoons after school with Daddy, making fantastic lego creations, and doing a daily drawing, just like Van Gogh.  There are so many ways that I am thankful my children get to spend so much time with their Artist Father.  Far better that they learn to see beauty and fun than inherit the anxiety of their Mom!



Even though we are becoming big kids, we still like to be carried, we still need help getting our clothes off sometimes, and we still love our blankies.


We still like to watch Franklin, we get excited about popsicles, and we think it’s a treat to sleep with Mommy on Friday night.


These guys are pretty cute!

I still love my job and what I get to do as a Medical Officer for the Department of State.  Sometimes I can’t believe what I get to do, or that I’m actually doing it.  But there is nothing that will ever be as important or as fulfilling as being Eli’s and Jake’s Mom.  Some days I wish I could be home more, to plan dinner and bake cookies, and greet them when they get off the bus.  I guess I know that what I’m doing is a wonderful thing for all of us, that I get to work in medicine and have all my weekends and holidays off, and we get to be together as a family more hours a week than most.  We live pretty simply and we can afford our life. I don’t anticipate any regrets!  Although on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we have a little regret when the kids STILL wake up at 6am and we remember how we used to sleep in until 8 on the weekends….

But how could we ever regret this?


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