Sheep Dip

Getch yer sheep dipped here!  Faster than yer neighbor’s old-fashioned dipper!


Yes, this was the “attraction” this weekend.  The Livestock Show, where everyone comes to examine the animals and choose which ones they want to take home.  “Dip more than 300 sheep with 1 liter of dip… Less labour, less cost, and greater efficiency.”

A Steer Sale was also on the agenda, leading to an unavoidable anatomy lesson for Jake and Eli.  “Daddy, what are those?”


I don’t know what we were expecting, but it was kind of unusual.  10:30 AM, big tents were set up where people were already enjoying cocktails, and there were lots of big-bellied white guys in cowboy hats and short shorts, checking out the steers.  Have I said before that it feels like we’ve stepped back in time?  To a weird version of the Midwest, where farmers were wealthy colonials and other rich people came as tourists, to pay tons of money to eat their home-cooking and ride around the farms looking at game.


Maybe if it was later in the day, or if I’d had a drink too, it wouldn’t have seemed so odd to be in Africa doing something like this.


We are still figuring out this place!


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