Road Trip

DC to Florida!  A 16-hour drive through some of America’s most refined cultural heritage.


What would the Eastern Seaboard be, without Richmond’s giant Marlboro cigarette, or 100 miles of signs warning we are almost South of the Border?


If you are sick of your spouse after two days in the car, the state of Florida is ready to help you out.  They will even design you a t-shirt.


To break up the journey we spent one night in South Carolina, where we went to the pool and played with fun noodles, and were re-introduced to American breakfast buffet favorites like cinnamon waffles and biscuits with country gravy.  The people were friendly and the weather was hot, and every gas station overflowed with Stucky’s pecan logs.  Our car was overflowing with luggage.  Thanks for packing, Mike and Dede!


These guys didn’t bother packing.  They just brought their mobile apartment complex.


We encountered some crazy thunderstorms on the way, with rain so heavy we could barely see the road.  A steady supply of pizza, Subway, and McDonald’s kept Mike’s hands steady on the wheel, and a steady joy in his heart.


It will take more than South Carolina to rain on this parade!  We are going to Disney World!!  Jake, get your fingers out of Eli’s eyes!!!


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