Alaskan King Crab

There are a few things about Seattle that make it one of a kind.  Anyone who has seen The Deadliest Catch will know that this stuff is not for sissies.


Alaskan King Crab legs have been known to make people do crazy things!


Even more crazy is the fact that they are regularly available at Costco.  One more sign of the evolved society that is Seattle.  And there are other signs.  Until I come back here, I forget that Starbucks is not a status symbol.  The iconic white cup is seen with everyone from garbage truck drivers to airline pilots to people doing their grocery shopping.  It is just something that people do.  Similarly, I forget that I never tasted Bud or Miller Lite until I moved to the East coast.  The Pacific Northwest is one of the most devoted beer cultures in the world, but they don’t even sell that stuff because the shelves are packed floor to ceiling with craft brews.  Not a judgment call, just an observation in hindsight that even college keggers have an unconscious element of class.


People smoke their own salmon,



and ride ferry boats to work,


and in general, everyone is so POLITE here!  Mike and I are still shocked at the way cars hang back 20 feet while waiting for us to cross the street, and the way people smile if we happen to make eye contact.  Even when they don’t even know you!  It is taking some extra effort to remember to smile back.

It is not taking extra effort to drink Starbucks, steam King crab legs, smoke salmon, or eat fresh bagels with cream cheese.


I think this is one thing that all we ex-pats can agree on.  America is yummy.


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