Saying Good-Bye

I guess that is something we should all get used to, because in this lifestyle, we will be doing it a lot.  I hope it is something we never get too good at.

The nice thing about all this moving is that it defines the different periods of our life, and keeps the years from “flying by” because they can’t run together.  For Mike and I this is not such a big deal because we don’t change much anymore, but for Jake and Eli, it is immense.  Here in Azerbaijan, they turned into kids!

Cooking Dinner:






Wooing the ladies:


They talk, ride bikes, watch whole movies, and sleep through the night.  And life is still just beginning.

It doesn’t matter where we live or how grand our accomplishments, what matters is that we live with both eyes open and keep noticing the good parts. We are so blessed by our friends who make these years overseas worth it, by not being afraid to jump in and care about each other, even though we all know it’s temporary.


Crying when we say good-bye means we were lucky enough to have met people we really loved.  It couldn’t be any better than that.


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