Our Weekend

The best time of the week!  Even though we are pretty happy at school and full of smiles when Daddy picks us up every day, we would still rather be eating waffles and getting together with all our friends.  Daddy coaches our soccer team on Saturday morning, and afterward we get to have strawberry yogurt and granola bars!  Thanks Uncle Paul and Aunt Jaclyn!


Eli and Jake also love to make forts.  Sometimes they have skylights, sometimes they have doner kebab windows, and there is always an extra kitty bed for Mommy.


We like her because she gives us backrubs:


We like Daddy because he does cool things, like “walkie talkies.”  Here we are skyping each other from different rooms in the house:



This weekend was extra special, because it was the weekend of Daddy’s Video Premiere. He has spent the last 4 months doing a community service project with the teenagers, where they shot a video, the “Kid Vid,” showing what life is like here in Baku.  Coming soon to YouTube!  We had a really fun night with all the families and parents.  And I am SO PROUD of Mike!!!!!!


We also decided to try out the Puppet Theatre.  Not being much for puppets, this hasn’t been a high priority during our time here in Baku, but our friends invited us to go.  Still not much for puppets.  But it was nice seeing Scarlet and Bridget again!!


Puppets are kind of weird.  All we could figure out was that some woman was upset after falling in love with a tornado.


The good news is that afterward, we went to Miss Evangeline and Mr. Eric’s house for pizza!


Miss Evangeline dressed Eli and Jake up in aprons, and they looked really cute.  Then she patiently helped them spread the sauce and sprinkle on cheese and pepperoni.  Real pepperoni!  The crust was pretty cool too.  I think all ex-pats at some point become experts at making pizza dough.  Some friends here at the Embassy are regulars at brewing their own beer, and give out the “spent grains” to those of us who are interested in adding a little earthiness to our homemade bread.  This had made for an epidemic of some pretty mean pizza.  Seriously, I am not a fan of “whole wheat” anything, but this is good crust!


We are trying to savor each special moment these days, because soon, these special moments are going to change.  It is lingering in the back of every greeting, every brunch, every dinner, every playdate.  These friends we have shared our lives with are leaving soon, as will we.  Off to a new adventure.  Another chapter of life.

Right now, I don’t want a new chapter.  I want to stay in this one.  I know this is part of the cycle, and that part of the reason our life seems so extraordinary and warm right now is because I know we are leaving.  We all know it.  But I have no plans to start the heartache yet.  We still have six wonderful weeks, and our dear friends are still here!  So here is to living in the now.

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