Happy Easter


We are ashamed to say that we ALMOST forgot Easter this year.  But our friends, the Campbells, saved the day by helping us make real Lithuanian Easter Eggs!  Do you believe these?  Decorated with wax, wrapped in panty hose, and dipped in pots of boiling onion skins… this is a long step up from PAAS.  Thank you, Gabi, Jonas, and Ryan :).


In the morning, we had tickets to go see Masha and the Bear at the Russian Drama Theatre.  Eli and Jake were really excited!  It is a real theater, with actors and lights and flowers at the end of the show.  We sat in the balcony, and during intermission went out to get tea and piroshki along with the other kids.  It was funl!


The entry hall of the theater was plastered with dramatic photos of The Company, just like theaters everywhere.  


Afterward, we couldn’t resist the hot doughnut place right outside the door.  Baku’s answer to Krispy Kreme.  Usually, the guy working inside looks half asleep and bored.  We figured if we were ever going to buy doughnuts, now would be the time.  People were lined up to buy them by the dozen, leaving very little opportunity for the doughnut guy to smoke a cigarette or pick his nose.  Fried, hot, and shaken in powdered sugar… mmm, doughnuts!!  Here is Daddy waiting in line:


Afterward, we went to our butcher to buy a nice beef tenderloin.  The butcher made Jake and Eli laugh by slicing off pieces of tendon and whipping them around his finger, before tossing them into the garbage.  It’s the little things, you know.


Our plan was to have Big Night Easter.  Leek soup, beef tenderloin, homemade ravioli, and many bottles of wine later, I think we accomplished our mission.


Not really your traditional “Easter” food, but we have our whole lives to be “traditional,” and have spent a fair number of years that way already.  No ham.  Ham not even an option.  But we did have Easter Eggs and cookies!!



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