Wine Tasting


Signaghi is a town under construction.  The model is Italy, and while they have the geography down, they are still working on the rest of it.  New hotels, restaurants, renovated streets and central squares… one day, there will probably even be people!  In the meantime, I think we are lucky to be here now, because “real” life still exists.  We stumbled into the green market, a warehouse-style place where vendors sold fruits and vegetables, and where the air was permeated with the odors of fresh meat, bread and homemade cheese.


There was also a tailor, a laundry, and a real cobbler with a table full of shoes!

This guy made wine, and he talked us into sampling from some of his plastic water bottles:


It’s funny to see Coke, Sprite, and Fanta filled with dark purple wine.  Georgia is also famous for cha-cha, a homemade brandy made from the skins of the grapes.  A lot like grappa.  What do you think, Mom?


I think she likes it!  We’ll take two!!!


If we’d been here longer it would have been fun to use this stuff to make dinner!


A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou…..




2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting

  1. Dad says we should use this picture of my enjoying cha cha for our Christmas card! I am not so sure.

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