Birthday Pancakes

Wow, are we lucky to have a Daddy that can do this!Image

He made one for each of us:


And, he managed to bring home 25 helium balloons for each of our friends coming today:


Mommy made a killer chocolate cake.  Seriously, it was SOOO good, all the adults ate it too.  Jake requested a Ferry Cake (we were relieved to figure out he meant “ferry” and not “fairy”), and Eli requested a “big cake surrounded by little cuppycakes.”  Daddy made the ferry :).


Daddy also made a balloon game.  We watched the kids extra closely as they wielded long, sharp, marshmallow sticks:


After pizza, barbecue, chips, and fruit, it was time to blow out the candles.  Our good buddy, Simon, was turning 4, and we were lucky to get to celebrate our birthday with him!


There was lots of running and laughing, and our girlfriends dressed us up like princesses:


We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.  Birthday parties are fun!  After everyone goes to bed, Mommy and Daddy will drink to that!

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