Look! No hands!!


Daddy has been taking us out to practice every afternoon that the sun has been shining.  And now, just shy of our fifth birthday, look what we can do!!


Daddy gets all the credit for this, for being patient and encouraging, and helping us every day believe we can do it.  Our friend JP gets a little credit too, for the inspiration :).  Mommy didn’t do much but climb the jungle gym.  She is so proud of her boys!


It’s funny to watch how different Eli and Jake were at learning to ride a bike.  Jake was a whiz and has actually been doing it for about 6 weeks.  Eli, on the other hand, tends to fall over after he stops pedaling, distracted by watching flowers and butterflies.  Then he gets mad and doesn’t want to do it anymore.  But today he did it!!  And Jakey has always been his biggest supporter.  He is a pretty good brother.


They deserve to be proud of themselves today!


We celebrated by going out to lunch.  Doner kebabs and lachmacun (turkish pizza), which they weirdly prefer to McDonald’s.  I think it’s because they get to eat sugar cubes.  When the Azeris drink tea, they hold a sugar cube between their teeth and then drink the tea through the sugar cube.  Eli and Jake learned this from their teachers at school.  Who knew?  The learning never stops!


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